What will happen? How to proceed?


In general, I offer a safe space, where you can express all your ideas and thoughts without fear of judgement. I will listen neutrally to where you feel you are stuck,
and together we will create a path to move on, no matter what blockage might be in the way.

After you send me the contact form, I will contact you back by phone or by email to set a date for a first, short phone consultation which will take aprox. 15 minutes.
This consultation is totally free of charge.
During this phone call we will see if we make a good fit and we’ll clarify what kind of format the meetings should have in order to
 be most beneficial for you.

The next consultations can be also be done via phone/skype sessions, but experience has proven that the in person meetings are far more effective.
In between sessions you will get suggested readings, available workshops and/or dates of gatherings in your area that might suit your profile, and follow-up mails to mentor your progress in all its deepness it deserves.


Depending on the theme you want to resolve I would suggest 2 to 6 sessions.

When meeting in person:

Depending on the subject of the session we will meet in a neutral setting.
After getting to know each other we can decide if this neutral space is the most beneficial surrounding, or if a more BDSM-inspired space would a better option.

Within my service is also the offer to accompany you to a munch or another social encounter.
I will stay close to you, guiding you into contact with greatest discretion, nobody will know that you are a client and not a personal friend.
I recommend a feedback-session within a week after that, in which we will revise what happened, what went well, or setting goals on what to improve, so that you soon will be able to go out there on your own and get the contacts you need.
Note: on these outings I will be your guide and chaperone, making sure you are in a safe container.
By no means is contracting this service a guarantee that I will engage in BDSM-play with you.


    • 30 min phone/skype consultation:  30,-  €
    • 1 hour phone/skype consultation: 50,-  €
    • 1 hour in person consultation: 80,- €
    • Munch consort (daytime) 50,-  €
    • Chaperone other social meeting (night-time) 100,- €
    • Discounts for students under 26 years (official accreditation will be asked)